Apex Legends Favorite Legend

Apex Legends has been out for a little over two weeks now. So who is your favorite legend?

Mine is Lifeline. I started off like everyone else, using Wraith and Bangalore, but something was drawing me towards Lifeline. The more I played with her, the better and more comfortable I got with her.

So why do I like her? There are several reasons…

  1. She has a healing drone. This comes in handy in many situations. I can heal myself quickly after hanging out too long in the storm or even drop it in the middle of a fight to provide constant heals while I clean up a kill. I can also revive a teammate and drop the drone to heal them up while I move on.
  2. Lifeline is the best person to revive teammates. One she revives quicker than any other legend, but the best part is she pops a frontal shield to block incoming fire while you revive a fallen comrade. If you have a competent team, someone will be covering you while you pick up your fallen friend.
  3. Her supply drop can quickly get your teamLVL 3 armor. If you grab all the ultimate accelerants that you come across, you can drop several supply drops rapidly, which allows more chances for higher tier armor. This is especially helpful at the beginning of the match and towards the end of matches, I find myself not even calling in care packages (if you’re already geared up it just leaves better stuff for enemy squads to stumble across).

That highlights why Lifeline is my favorite legend, so who is yours? Do you like offensive flankers? Or maybe you’re a defensive player? Let me know in the comments below.

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