Is Black Ops 4 League Play Too Little Too Late?

It was announced 2 days ago that league play will finally be appearing in Black Ops 4. Do you think that Treyarch took too long in bringing this feature into a game? In previous titles League play was available right away, but it’s taken Black Ops 4 almost half it’s life cycle to get the important feature. Do you think this will help or hurt the game overall?

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At first, I could only see the negative impact that waiting could have on the game. Players like myself have been waiting on the feature since launch and have moved on to other games since getting prestige master. This feature coming in though could breath new life into the game and send its active player base soaring back to its launch day numbers.

I know that even though I’m upset it took so long to make an appearance, I will still at least give it a chance and see how far I can make it. I have friends however that refuse to go back, they feel that Treyarch had their chance and took too long with that chance, so will not give the title another opportunity.

What are your feelings about this situation? Do you feel that Treyarch took too long to bring in the feature, or do you think they timed it well enough to bring players back to the game? Let me know in the comments below.

Temporary Fix

Well, the weekend didn’t do as much for my blog as I had hoped it would. I did a lot of research on how to make my blog better and stand out, and of course, I found out I’m using the wrong platform. I’m using and have always used the version of WordPress, which places a lot of features behind a steep paywall. Later this week, or next week at the latest, I will be moving to the self-hosted

Through all my research, I’ve found that self-hosting allows you to do a lot more for a lot less money. All you really have to pay for is the hosting service and a domain (which I have since I upped my plan on The problem comes with the initial set-up and then you completely run the blog by yourself.

I think I’m up for the challenge, I definitely want my blog to be the best that I can make it, and it sounds like I’m just utilizing the wrong platform. So while my plan was a blog overhaul over the weekend, it turned into a few temporary fixes. I changed the overall look of the blog and I added my own domain name.

I hope everyone will bear with me, as I continue to work on improving the overall experience on the blog. I will continue to put out posts on this platform until I make the jump to self-hosting. After I switch my platform, I may have to repost some content to my blog, as I’m not sure if it will transfer when I switch.

Thank you all for reading. I will have another post later today, but I wanted to get this update out there for you all.