Under Construction

I know I don’t have a huge following or anything, but I feel it’s my obligation to tell what followers that I do have that I will not be writing over the weekend. There are several reasons for this and I will cover them for you.

  1. This weekend is my 13th anniversary with my wife April. We don’t have a whole lot planned, but I will be spending the majority of the time with her and won’t be taking much time to write. I feel this reason alone covers me, but there are a few things going on with the blog as well.
  2. The blog is getting an overhaul starting tonight. The name will change (I’ll explain on this after everything is done), I’m getting an actual gaming related theme and will be cleaning up the appearance of the blog.
  3. New categories, pages, tags, etc. will all be added so a lot of work will be going into this blog throughout the weekend. I also have my first interview scheduled for Sunday, so that will take up some time.

Like I said, I just want to be as transparent as possible with my followers. If you have any questions be sure to ask, if not, I hope you all will enjoy the changes come Monday, when I relaunch the site. Have a good weekend and hope to be able to please you all next week.

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