What’s the Worst?

As a gamer, what is the worst thing for you to have to deal with? It could be anything; no money for a game, you missed a special event, or maybe your dad broke your game system.

For me, the worst thing to happen is CRAP INTERNET. As an online gamer, I cannot stand to have garbage internet (something I’m currently dealing with). Nothing is more annoying for my team or me than when we’re winning a game and suddenly I’m dropped from the match.

I’m not saying I’m a particularly good gamer (I still think I am) but whenever a squad loses a teammate, that’s fewer guns in the fight against the enemy which usually spells disaster for your team.

Unfortunately, in my current living situation, I cannot do much about the internet, except sit here and complain about it. I’m definitely ready to get my own place so I can set up a glorious home network. For now, though I’ll have to deal with a good signal with occasional crashes.

So I ask again, what is the worst thing that you as a gamer deal with?

Comment below and let me know. Thanks as always for reading and I’ll see you next time.