Apex Legends

So, are you playing Apex Legends? If not, YOU SHOULD BE!

For those that don’t know what Apex Legends is, let me explain it to you real quick.

Apex Legends is a battle royale game that was announced and LAUNCHED, on 4 Feb 2019. When I say launched, I mean launched. Within 15 minutes of the game being announced by Respawn Entertainment, it went live with the full, free to play version.

For those who don’t know who Respawn Entertainment is; they are the creators of the Titanfall universe, which is also where Apex Legends takes place. It was rumored that Respawn was developing Titanfall 3, but instead, this game launched to the surprise of everyone. While Apex takes place in the Titanfall universe, you don’t get to use titans; sorry if that disappoints anyone. While you don’t get titans, the weapons in this game are the weapons from the Titanfall series so anyone who has played those will feel some familiarity there.

So what exactly is Apex Legends? In Apex Legends you choose from one of eight different legends or champions, each has their own special skills and abilities. You play in squads of three, so the priority is picking legends whos skills compliment one another.

Once you’ve picked your legends, one member of the squad is designated the jumpmaster and leads you from the ship to the ground. At any point, before you touch down, you can choose to break away from your jumpmaster and move where you please (not recommended until right before touchdown). Once you touch down, it’s like any other battle royale game; find weapons and gear and prepare to engage other squads. You still have the ring that gradually gets smaller, forcing all teams into more confined areas to get down to the champion squad.

The key to this game is getting the best armor and learning to use your legends abilities in conjunction with your squadmates. There are definitely some balancing issues that I think need to be addressed but overall, I feel that Respawn did a great job with this game.

I’m expecting big things from this game, and I hope Respawn can turn it into a Battle Royale giant. As of this writing, it is currently the most viewed game on Twitch, having knocked Fortnite from its pedestal as king. Be on the lookout for lots of content related to Apex Legends, because its the first battle royale game that I’ve really enjoyed.

What do you think of Apex Legends? Have you played it yet? If not, give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you have played it, let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading and catch you next time.

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