Current Gaming Addictions!!

Every few months or so, I drastically change the games that I’m playing. I’ve always had a hard time sticking with one game, mainly because there are always new things coming out that pique my interest.

Here are the main things that I’m playing right now and the system that I’m playing them on.

  1. PUBG Mobile- I’ve played PUBG on console before, but I just started playing the mobile version the other day and it’s gotten me hooked. I’ll do a full post on it later, but I feel the good outweighs the negative on this game. Now if only I could stop accidentally hitting the fire button while I’m walking around…..
  2. Rainbow Six Siege (Xbox One)- I’ve played Rainbow Six for awhile now, but have been playing consistently for a little over a week now. I’ve always enjoyed this game, but it’s a game I have to play with at least one or two friends. I’ll probably do a post on RSS as well, but some things to watch out for are; Team killing, Spawn Killing, Overall a pretty toxic community base (which is why I recommend playing with friends).
  3. Paladins+SMITE (PC)- Again, I’ve played both of these games before, but mainly on console. Learning to play them on PC is pretty tough, but I feel its more rewarding in the long run. The game runs smoother and there seems to be a more active player base.

For now, those are the main things that I’m playing.  I’d tried getting back into Destiny 2, but hadn’t really found a group of players to play with.  What are you playing?  Have you tried any of my addictions, and if so did you enjoy them, or did you throw them to the side?  Let me know in the comments sections below, and as always, thanks for reading my blog.

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