Iron Banner Controversy

Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner event have returned, and with them, a couple of changes. One of those changes brings with it some controversy, with reddit users coming up with changes that they believe need to be incorporated sooner rather than later.

The Controversy:

Upon receiving a power play in control (capturing all three points at once), the points will now lock down for 20 seconds before resetting to their neutral state. This allows the power play team to rack up an incredible amount of points, as the opposing team cannot capture any points until the lock down has ended.

This may not seem to be a problem at first glance, but here’s the problem…

The team with the power play can now commit suicide by jumping off the map, to prevent the opposing team to get any points from securing kills. That’s a problem, especially when there is currently no penalty for players doing that.

There have been some proposed fixes to this issue, those are:

-Award a set amount of points for the team achieving the power play, but don’t lock the control points down, so that they may still be captured.

-Put a penalty in place for players who decide to commit suicide. That penalty should be a loss of team points, so that it dissuades people from jumping off the map.

No matter what, players will find ways to cheat the system for as long as they can. Let’s just hope Bungie is quick in enacting changes to keep this from influencing the Iron Banner for long.

On a positive note, Iron Banner matches will impact your Valor ranking, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on points by not playing regular Crucible matches.

Let me know what you think of this controversy in the comments below. As always thank you for reading.

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