Custom Gaming Controllers

Custom gaming controllers have become all the rave with gamers of late.  With competitive gaming becoming popular, everyone is looking to add whatever edge they can to their game.  For some that’s upgrading to a monitor instead of a television, using gamer grip, or something similar, but for the vast majority it’s picking up a custom controller that seems to help the most.

Now throughout gaming history, there has always been controllers that could help you compete a little easier but they were never really legal.  They were controllers that had turbo features allowing you to fire extra fast with a single hit of the triggers.  The controllers used now, however, are used in pro circuits all over.  We will discuss the big three that I have seen and used.


Scuf Gaming


Probably the most well-known brand of the three, Scuf Gaming offers the most customization, with many different color schemes to choose from.  They have the most pre-designed controllers and they come at a variety of price points to fit the need of any gamer.  They are the only company of the three that uses paddles on the back instead of buttons.  Having had a Scuf before, I can say they are generally well-built controllers and I received mine on time and was extremely happy with it.


  • Offers the most customization.
  • Pricing, while their controllers can get very expensive, they start at a low and comparable price point as the other three.  The options you choose is what inflates the price.
  • Paddles are easier to push than the buttons IMO.
  • They offer a 12-month warranty on their paddles.


  • From reviews, it seems the paddles have a habit of unexpectedly breaking.
  • Pricing can be an issue if you want to have a fully customized controller.



Battle Beaver

I have had my Battle Beaver since the Xbox One first launched and the buttons on the back are just now starting to go out.  I just learned that their rear buttons and smart triggers are both covered for the life of the controller which is a great thing.  They have many options for customization, but their controllers can get just as expensive as a Scuf.


  • Rear buttons and smart triggers covered for the life of the controller.
  • Very responsive, I have never had to wait longer than a day to hear back from them on any issue I may be having.
  • Pricing, pre-built controllers come at a variety of price points to fit the needs of any gamer.
  • Controller launches with a 30-day warranty.


  • None that I can find except controllers can become very pricey, and IMO paddles feel better than the rear buttons.



Cinch gaming

I have never actually owned a Cinch.  My clan was part of an affiliate program with them, but I never actually picked one up.  They offer many customization options, but they don’t seem to offer as much as the other two.  They like Battle Beaver, utilize buttons on the back instead of the paddles.  I don’t want to give them a real review until I have actually had the chance to give them a try, but I wanted to let you know that they are out there.


There are other companies out there that will make you a custom controller, but these are the three I would highly recommend you take a look at.  They are all well established and from my experience will work with you on any issues that you may have.  They all have some pros and cons, but are all still good choices and used by pro players all over.  If you have ever used one of these controllers, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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