Doing this the right way

I’ve struggled to keep this blog going throughout the 2-3 years of me having it.  I have changed the scope of it so many times that I can’t really begin to count.  Well after taking a few marketing and branding courses, I have decided on what I’m going to do with it.

First, this blog started as a site for gaming and that’s what it will be going back to.  I have added life events, fitness, and many other subjects throughout the life cycle of this blog but that time is gone.  I will make posts related to games and gaming and that is all.

I have also set up an editorial calendar to keep myself on track with my posts.  I have set aside Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as dedicated post days.  That gives me plenty of time to research topics and actually write them out.  If I make more posts than that then it’s just a bonus for my readers.

I will also be building my brand on Facebook and Twitter.  I will post on those forums every day with at least one post a day on each.  Those posts can, in turn, be uploaded onto my blog as more content.  All of this is a strategy to build my brand more effectively.

The last thing I will be doing is writing short Ebooks.  The subject of these books will again be related to gaming and will all be written with a pen name, as my gaming brand isn’t associated with my actual writing brand.  The book ideas I have so far are A Beginners Guide to Streaming, A Beginners Guide to MOBAs, A Beginners Guide to Wargames, and So You Want to be a Pro Gamer.

If you have any suggestions or feedback I am always open to constructive criticism and ideas so let me know.  I am linking my gaming social media accounts below so be sure to check me out. As always this is Hybrd Cobra and see you on Monday with my first official post.


Facebook: Hybrd Cobra

Youtube: Hybrd Cobra


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